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Pens, Stoppers, Etc. Pens, Stoppers, Etc. Pepper Mills Walnut and Hackberry pictured. Various woods available. Starting at $85. 89442068 Fountain & Rollerball Pens This is a retro style, Schmidt point, very nice pens priced around $60 - $65, roller balls and fountains! Ball point pens also available starting at $35.I use only the highest quality kits! 52522634 Birdhouse Birdhouses for very small birds! Sizes and shapes vary but most around 2.5 inches tall. $20. 48069290 Bottle Stopper selections Stoppers, mostly exotic woods. Choose from: Silicone $22 Stainless steel $27 Stainless steel is solid stainless! 48069292 4 in One Screwdriver Bocote, Cocoblo, Yellow Heart, Balsama, Purple heart, & Argentine Osage pictured here, Call for available woods, $30. 65399161 Acorn Earrings are back! Sizes vary since these are one of a kind. This pair is just under 3/4 inches tall. $16. 90792863 Salt 'n Pepper Available in various woods, mostly exotics but also some interesting local woods, Colorwood (dyed and laminated birch), Quiana, Hackberry are pictured, call for availability, $40. 89444542 Pendant Various woods, $18 84413256 Pizza Cutter - Premium Handle - Chrome Plated - Heavy Duty Cutter - 4" Stainless Steel Blade - Thread Insert $42 178780626 Ice Cream Scoop - Premium Handle - Stainless Steel $37 178784728 Easy Flow Refill Easy flow refill for papermate type pen, made by Schmidt. $5. 201255720 Standing Stainless Stopper Now a solid stainless steel stopper that stands! $27. 201725063 Corkscrew $25. 203058677 Birdhouse ~3+ inches. $20 - $22. 204586379 Tea Light $35. 204683444 Bottle Cap Opener These are of 18-8 304 FDA kitchen grade stainless steel. $30. 204875755 Flowers New Summer 2018. $15 each. These measure between 1.5 and 2 inches. Colorful. Tiny pots available and start at $20. 205256942